Hello, my name is David Kratville. I live approximately 20 miles south of Sacramento.  My current location in the fertile
Central Valley of California lends easy access to numerous outdoor playgrounds. The beautiful San Francisco Bay Area
is a little over an hour to the west. An hour's drive to the east  and I can find myself amongst the  flowering foothills of the
Sierra Nevada. The beautiful beaches of southern California and the North Coast's magnificent Redwood Forests are all
within an easy day's drive. During the winter the Central Valley's  wildlife refuges and flooded agricultural fields become
inundated with migratory birds. I am lucky to live minutes away from the Consumnes River Preserve which gets
inundated with Sandhill Cranes each winter. Overall central California is a fabulous place for photography.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology from Sacramento State University. I have
also had the pleasure of working with the  University of California Davis, Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote
Sensing using Hyperspectral analysis (a very fancy digital camera mounted on a plane or satellite) to map invasive
species in the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. I have recently applied to the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology
with the hopes of earning a Master's degree researching the effects of non-native plants on the displacement of native
plants and the wildlife that utilize them.

For the past five years I have worked for the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Integrated Pest Control
Branch. The Integrated Pest Control Branch is responsible for detection and control of non-native species, specifically
noxious weeds. Currently  I spend my summers driving an airboat looking for aquatic weeds  amongst the tules and
cattails of the Delta. For several years I worked on terrestrial weeds throughout northern California. Part of my duties
involved being one of the guides on the Northern California Noxious Weed Tour. The Weed Tour involved driving two vans
of Biologists around northern California, southern Oregon and western Nevada for a week showing them noxious weeds
in the various habitats they  inhabit and their distinguishing characteristics. The tours were always fun, I had the
pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting people and seeing a  bunch of beautiful country.

My interest in photography started at a very early age when I got my very first 120mm camera for Christmas.  I later
moved on to a simple point and shoot 35mm that had three settings indoor, outdoor and flash. My mom quickly grew
tired of paying for the development of yet another roll of "Dog Sleeping".  I have since embraced the digital age and the
freedom that comes with it. The ability to see in the field what works and doesn't combined with an infinite number of
photographs with no cost of development greatly improved my photography. My other hobbies include my first love
playing electric guitar, backpacking, and surfing.

I am about to set off on the next great adventure of my life, being a dad. I'm sure there will soon be thousands of photos
of "Baby Sleeping" to join my vast portfolio of "Dog Sleeping". I will continue to work to protect wild places through my
photography and work controlling invasive species. Hopefully there will be wild places for my son and his children to
enjoy in the future. Perhaps someday they will take up my love of nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Thank you
for visiting my site.

David Kratville

Kratville Photography
Specializing in Nature, Landscape and Wildlife Photography
All of my photo equipment was stolen from my home last spring. I have replaced most of it
with the following items.
Canon 1D mkII 8.2 Megapixel Digital SLR
Canon 20mm, Sigma 28-70mm EX, Canon 100mm Macro,
Sigma 70-200mm EX,
IBM 1GB Microdrive, Gitzo Ball head with Wimberley Quick
Release Clamp